Who was stunned by the French woman so that…

The casting rounds, which aren’t exactly the most fun, are slowly coming to an end. Ahead of amateur chefs is a period when they will mostly need strong nerves, because the judges can be very uncompromising and who wants to succeed, in addition to talent and skill, must also have mental endurance.

Radek Kasparek as a judge, he knows how to make the contestants suffer and put on a nice show for the audience that will certainly not be boring.

And how did the popular chef look forward to this year’s edition?

“He was looking forward to it like every year. I go into each new series with new expectations, I think about what new things we will experience with the competitors, and I look forward to the marathon and adrenaline, which charges and excites me a lot.”

According to television, the judge, who was taken to the hospital by ambulance on the last day of August due to heart problems, is fine and the course of the competition should not be jeopardized. Apparently, the adrenaline will have to calm down a bit.

Radek Kasparek was born on August 6, 1981 in Ostrava. He became famous mostly for his cooking show What are we having for dinner?year, where he proved himself not only as a good cook, but also as a presenter. He is the chef and co-owner of the Field restaurant and is currently opening a new restaurant where he will offer a place to the winner of the cooking competition. He has been on the jury since 2019.

They fought for the apron in the fourth casting round:

Adam of Prague

The art director would change his profession if he won, because he is looking for more creativity in life. He took the competition as a personal challenge and prepared chicken with paprika, which he hated as a child. So he decided to modernize his grandmother’s version a bit to make it tasty. He was obviously successful and continues to compete.

Singers from London

Pevi was born a man, but decided to change his gender. She lives in London, before that she was in Australia. She works as a model and impersonator of Britney Spears. He enjoys it a lot, as well as cooking. She prepared rainbow rolls with shrimp, tofu and vegetables for the judges. She served peanut sauce with it.

She would like to have her own vegetarian cooking show. She doesn’t eat meat herself, but she is convinced that she can taste it and prepare it well at the competition. Because of this, the judges were a little hesitant, but she managed to convince them and continues.

Malika from France

Cute France has a Czech husband who works as a diplomat, so she has already seen part of the world. She likes to cook every day. For the judges, she prepared a mackerel fillet with such excellent rice and a sweet and sour sauce that it was a great success for both the fish and the excellently seasoned rice. When she received the golden ticket from Stockinger (entering the TOP 16), she immediately called her son and humorously told him that she didn’t know who would be cooking at home now, because she would be cooking for the jury.

raw materials for cooking at the competition, source: TV Nova

Jakub from Prague

The young experimenter worked in a brewery, but he did not produce ordinary beer. However, he could easily offer, for example, gummy bear beer. To enter the competition, he designed semolina porridge with chocolate, wild berries, dark beer, bacon and flambéed banana. It’s hard to say whether he would have attracted a crowd of gourmands with just such food, but the jury let him continue in the competition.

Jakub from Brno

At least the operator was not so lucky. According to the jury, the roast beef was dry, and he confused the turkey bone sauce due to nervousness. He didn’t get an apron.

Zuzana from Prague

You can meet the beautiful girl in Smíchov in Anděl, where she runs a bistro with her mother, but does not cook in it. However, she likes to get into the kitchen and advise the chefs. She prepared a black risotto with shrimp and Parmesan cheese. Unfortunately, she didn’t like Foreit, who doesn’t like this risotto, so he didn’t give her his yes. Socks liked the food, and Kasparek hesitated for a long time, then gave her his no.

When Zuzana left, an argument began about how the food was really good, and Čarapa and Forey had a bit of a fight. Kašparek solved it by taking the apron and taking it to Zuzana backstage, where she was with her family. He changed his mind and Zuzana was very surprised.

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