What you should always do with potatoes before cooking them. Strange, but still almost no one knows

Potatoes go as a side dish with almost everything. This is why they are so popular in Czech cuisine. As a universal side dish, we can add them to stewed vegetables or meat, we can bake them as part of a meal or use them baked with sauce as a separate dish.

How should we divide the potatoes?

We divide potatoes into three basic types. Cooking type A, which is suitable for cooking potatoes in the skin and preparing salads, cooking type B, which we will use mostly in the kitchen, and cooking type C, which is excellent for preparing mashed potatoes, for example.

Get rid of the starch

The most important thing is to soak properly. As soon as you peel the potatoes, soak them in cold water. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, they keep their natural yellow color, and secondly, they get rid of excess starch. Be careful, to get rid of it, it is not enough to soak it just for a few minutes before you turn on the stove. Potatoes should stand in water for several hours, preferably until the next day. You can leave them out of the fridge at room temperature. You will get rid of high-calorie starch, and besides, the potatoes will cook much faster.

How to ensure the yellow color of potatoes?

Sometimes it happens that potatoes turn dark. But you can easily prevent this. Besides the fact that you need to submerge them all in water, there is another trick you can try. Add a spoonful of milk or lemon juice to the water with the potatoes. Leave them in this water for 10 minutes, then drain and cook as usual. Despite the fact that the taste does not change, the special color does not contribute to the taste of the food.

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Potatoes and vitamin C

Potatoes contain a large amount of vitamin C, but most of it is preserved only if we cook it in the skin. It will be slightly less if we peel them and cook them quickly, and potatoes retain the least amount of vitamin C if they are peeled and cut. Then only about 20% will remain. It depends on the method of preparation, and it also depends on what kind of food you are preparing. The basis is a varied diet, sometimes you can cook potatoes in their skins, and other times, for example, mashed potatoes with meat.

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