What was Pavlina like? Unusual, interesting, and she also had more difficult days

Almost everyone remembers Pavlína Luboyatzky. After the affair with the baguette, she entered the consciousness of the Czech audience, and not only MasterChef, not entirely in the positive sense of the word. However, not all of them associate it with a negative media image. Those who knew her personally cannot fail her. She was direct and did not play tricks, conversations with her were interesting and fun. One of the directors and screenwriters of MasterChef, Tereza Zemanova, can also give her opinion on this.

Teresa, you are a director. What exactly is that and what do you do?
I do interviews, like you.

(Laughs) But you do interviews a little differently. It’s more intimate with the contestants in the confessional, isn’t it?
It certainly is, because it’s just me and the cameraman, sometimes the sound engineer. By the way, there we are one on one with the competitor, it’s darker there than here, there’s a lot of light here and we don’t have coffee.


Who did you have the most pleasant conversation with while working on MasterChef?
With Pavlin. Pavlina was one of my first contestants that I interviewed. And I was blown away by how well she did. She had days when it was more difficult, but it actually always led to interesting conversations. I enjoyed it too and I know she enjoyed it with me too.

Were you surprised at the time that such a mischievous person came? Or did she already suspect that there might be a problem because she was too expressive for people?
I thought she would be unusual. I enjoy watching foreign reality shows. The American ones are a bit too hit for me, but the British ones are super fun. The contestants there are often more expressive in the way they speak and express themselves. They are not afraid to say what they think, they are not afraid to show, they are not afraid to show that they have self-confidence, that they are there with a purpose, that they have a goal. They are not falsely modest. So yeah, I thought people wouldn’t take it, I was a bit worried about that.


What do you like most about your job?
(Silence, laughter) I like that I work with people who enjoy their work as much as I do. That we can still meet at the end of the day, have a drink and tell each other that it was actually perfect and look forward to doing it again.

Would you sign up for MasterChef? We will ignore whether you can cook or not. But when you know how it goes here, how hard it is…
No, but exactly because of what you said. Because it’s terribly difficult. I think the reality that the contestants will learn here is that this is about cooking, you have to have a passion for cooking. But you also have to be mentally strong, because no one can imagine how demanding it is. And indeed it is.

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