They perfectly insulated the cottage with a protective hood. Heats the minimum

The house we are going to look at today looks like it is hidden in a wooden hood. Not only the location, but also the strict building regulations had a great influence on its final shape. The local climate is not honey. If you are looking for inspiration for living in an unfavorable climate or with minimal heating costs, be inspired by this building.

A wooden “hood” protects the house from wind and frost

The land on which the house is located is located at an altitude of 1125 meters. Although at first glance it seemed to be a place exposed to a high risk of avalanches, a more detailed analysis showed that the house is outside the danger zone. However, the original idea of ​​creating a kind of “roof” for the building remained in the mind of the architect. The pine roof of the house protects the front part of the building from rain, frost and unpleasant winds. The part of the terrace that is hidden under this hood allows the owners to spend time outside even in the rain.

Photo gallery:

ⓘ Photo: Marte Garmann (with permission)

However, the practical function is not the only thing that this hood fulfills. Thanks to the elegant appearance and the contrasting color of the light pine paneling compared to the black coating of the building itself, everything looks very harmonious as a whole. Check out the chat including the drawings in our photo gallery.

The place in the Norwegian mountains, where the house is located, offers the owners a beautiful view of the surroundings. What is not very pleasant is that the place is located at a high altitude, so the house is exposed to strong gusts of wind. Another factor that, in addition to wind and bad weather, affected the final appearance of the house was the strict building regulations. However, architect Grethe Loland from the Norwegian studio Arkitektvaerelset did not give up. She says, “Limitations are the mother of all playful creativity. And in this case, it was worth trying to create playfully and at the same time within the established limits.”

Interior and exterior are a game of contrasts

Just like the exterior, the interior is a play of contrasts. The light wood used on the walls, ceiling, but also on the staircase is in pleasant contrast with the dark furniture. The entire interior was created in such a way that a perfect view of the landscape is provided through the large windows. Therefore, it is possible to observe the surrounding nature, for example, while cooking. An atypical corner window is placed behind the sink in the kitchen. In the bedroom we find a high bed and many built-in storage spaces. The floors in the interior are made of oak wood. The entire building is heated by a wood stove, and thanks to the perfect insulation of the house, the heat here is minimal.

Inside there is a kitchen with a dining room, a living room, but also a bedroom for parents and guests. There is also a sauna, so necessary for Norwegians, and hygiene facilities. In the attic, there are eight more places intended for guests to spend the night.

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