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Milan Demeter (20) is one of the current contestants on MasterChef Czech Republic 2022. Milan has already done another cooking show. He cooked in Prostrén na Prima. Klučina from the children’s home is, among other things, a great sports enthusiast. He is even self-taught in playing the ukulele, as stated in the announcement of TV Nova, which is available to the editors of

Milan Demeter grew up in a home for children. His hobbies include playing sports, playing the ukulele, or hanging out with his dog. However, his greatest passion is cooking. That is why he applied to the MasterChef Czech Republic 2022 competition, where he is doing very well so far. At the same time, MasterChef is not his first experience cooking in front of the cameras. Before that, he also appeared in Placemats! on Prima.

Student Milan struggles with life. By participating in the program Prostřeno! he wanted to show that even the children in the orphanage don’t have to throw flint in the rye, and he wanted to win quite pragmatically. If he succeeds, he will save the money for when he has to leave the orphanage. He loves to find new recipes and enjoys every kitchen he can cook in because he hasn’t had one in a long time.

Medallion in MasterChef

“My name is Milan Demeter, I’m 20 years old and I grew up in a children’s home since I was little. I love sports and football is one of my favorite sports. I also have other hobbies, for example I love music, that’s why I’m such a self-taught ukulele player. A year ago Today, my girlfriend and I got a dog that we go jogging with, and somehow we try to spend our free time together, the three of us. Of course, I like to cook, and that’s why MasterChef is one of the best opportunities I can get.” he admitted on MasterChef.

He didn’t do well in Prostren. To his competitors as an appetizer he prepared a Caprese salad that cut itself. After that, as reported by the website, his fuses also went out I hope he has better luck on MasterChef now.

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