The second time it works out for them: the sexy poker player and the influencer revealed the details of their relationship

Veronica Biasiol and Bára Mlejnková

September 13, 2022 at 8:07 am

In August, they celebrated one year of their relationship, although they had been separated for some time. Poker player Bára Mlejnková and influencer Veronica Biasiol benefited from the separation and look very happy. When we met them at the tasting dinner, they revealed the details of their life together.

At the gala dinner, the girls dressed up in the matching models they tailored. They also lend each other clothes, even if, for example, Bara would have to raise his pants by ten centimeters. They also have different shoe sizes. “The fact that we live under the same roof tempts us to get into debt. But it looks completely different to everyone,” laughed Bara.

A poker player and a big-boned influencer are back together after a breakup: They’re building a love nest

But the characters are both luxe, as shown in t-shirts with exposed tummies. The topic of cooking is also related to this. “Bara mostly cooks. So during the week we have boxes, but on the weekends she cooks for me and makes me breakfast every morning”, Veronika told, and together with her friend, they explained why they decided on this way of eating.

The girls have already moved out, they live in Veronica’s apartment. “So I also have my own apartment. We were also looking for a shared apartment, but the market is not favorable now, so we are still waitingí”, stated Bara.

When it comes to the division of household chores, this is clear. “I take care of the kitchen, Verča does the rest, he doesn’t give me anything else,she added.I’d rather clean it than let it sit there“, Veronika added, and there was almost a fight in front of the cameras, but then the girls started laughing. In our video, we discussed their other plans together.

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