The preschool in Podlesi in the Příbram region has the best chefs in the country. They won the gold cup at the national competition

The school kitchen is not big, but local winning chefs move in there with a smile. Snack finished a while ago. Before the lunch rush starts, she still has to put food in boxes for local senior citizens, for whom she also cooks. “So, these are our golden girls: Liduška Staníčková, Jíťa Rejnartova and Martina Mátlova,” says kindergarten director Jitka Lavičková, who is very proud of the local chefs. The competition between school kitchens is great, so he tastes and checks everything.

Podlesí chefs' bites are small works of art

The national competition for the best chefs in communal catering is organized by the Association of Chefs and Pastry Chefs of the Czech Republic in cooperation with the Makro Academy in Prague. Golden chefs from Podlesie participated in the competition for the fourth time. Twice they took silver, this year gold. The winning menus are first carefully designed, then adapted and tested on children, and the most popular dishes are finally presented in the competition. “We had a sweet dish which was a flaky tartlet filled with fresh blueberry cheese with chia seeds, then we had a spinach roll with micro-vegetables, stuffed with native grass, and lastly a rustic baguette with sun-dried tomatoes and tuna spread . ”, states Lída Staníčková.

Healthy school canteen

The Kindergarten in Podlesi is included in the Healthy School Canteen project. According to dining room manager Martina Mátlova, this means that they do not use any semi-finished products and, above all, they are not lazy to cook as honestly as at home. In the kindergarten, they bake their own sourdough bread and use unflavored yogurt and milk. Parents bring apples and pears from the garden to the school kitchen, so that the children can drink fresh fruit juice. By not using semi-finished products and honestly cooking dumplings and mashed potatoes, money remains for buying more expensive but better quality organic food.

Among young schoolgirls, spaghetti is the most popular. Popular delicacies include, for example, yeast spread. “Last year we also competed with her and we had her on sourdough bread with quail eggs,” explains director Lavičková. Looking at a pan full of cauliflower burgers and homemade sour cream tartar, many regret not going to kindergarten anymore.

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