The most poisonous mushroom in the Czech Republic is nicknamed the chalice of death. In what amount is it dangerous?

Mushroom poisoning is not an exceptional thing in the Czech Republic. Statistics show that an average of 400 people experience it annually. The most poisonous mushroom in the Czech Republic, nicknamed the cup of death, has a significant share in this statistic. What exactly is the type of mushroom, how quickly does poisoning manifest itself in its case, and under what circumstances does it have fatal consequences?

In the Czech Republic, 400 people suffer from mushroom poisoning every year

According to statistics, around 400 people are poisoned by mushrooms in the Czech Republic every year. According to the statistics of the Institute for Health Information and Statistics of the Czech Republic, in 2019, 373 people in the Czech Republic experienced mushroom poisoning, of which 212 people had to be hospitalized due to poisoning.

Poisonous mushroom poisoning is often behind mushroom poisoning, which is a seasonal problem. It is also a mistake to insufficiently treat some types of edible mushrooms, which require longer cooking, that is, to use over-aged or steamed edible mushroom fruits.

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The most poisonous mushroom in the Czech Republic can easily be mistaken for an edible species

If you’re picking boletus, boletus, boletus, or toadstools, you should be 100 percent sure what type of edible mushroom you’re putting in your basket. Ignorant mushroom pickers are in danger of easily mistaking these edible mushrooms for the most poisonous mushroom in the Czech Republic, which is toadstool. It is not only the most dangerous and poisonous type of mushroom in the Czech Republic, but also in all of Europe, where it is responsible for the deadliest mushroom poisonings.

Green toadstool, or deathly goblet, can even kill you

How is green toadstool poisoning manifested? This most poisonous mushroom in the Czech Republic causes a moderate degree of poisoning in an adult after eating a quarter to half of the fruiting body. The lethal dose for an adult is one to two fruiting bodies, but much less for children.

Poisoning by the most poisonous mushroom in the Czech Republic requires timely medical assistance, even in case of subjective improvement of the condition. If a person poisoned by green toadstool is not hospitalized, it usually has fatal consequences.

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Poisoning by the most poisonous mushroom in the Czech Republic manifests itself only 8 hours after consumption

What is typical of green toadstool poisoning? After its consumption, there is a symptom-free period lasting 8 to 12 hours, which is very dangerous, because the symptoms of green toadstool poisoning begin to appear only when the poison has already been absorbed into the body.

After a symptom-free period, symptoms of poisoning appear in the form of severe abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, thirst and, last but not least, kidney failure or total collapse. Liver failure occurs on the fourth to seventh day after eating toadstool, and poisoning can unfortunately end in coma or even death. If a person survives green toadstool poisoning, they usually suffer permanent liver and kidney damage.


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