The modernization of the camp facilities in Krčkovice will cost Turnov more than ten million | Company | News | Liberec Gossip

The city will pay from its budget over ten million crowns including VAT for the modernization of the inadequate facilities of the summer camp in Krčkovice in the Czech Paradise, which belongs to Turnov. Mayor Tomáš Hocke (Independent Bloc) said that the works will start in September and finish by the beginning of summer next year. The construction of a new camp base in Hrubá Skála in Turnovo has been talked about for about 15 years.

The current infrastructure does not fit very well in the picturesque valley near Lake Věžický, and is also not suitable for hygiene and safety reasons. It consists of two covered cells with sanitary facilities, an older cabin intended for cooking, and between them there is a welded tin shelter that served as a dining room. “The PLA administration blamed us for all this about 15 years ago, it’s so disgusting. I remind you that in II. zone (PLC)), so it is a relatively important protected matter. The old historic road to Věžák leads there,” said the mayor.

According to the original project, the city hall wanted to replace the inadequate buildings with a building capable of housing up to 35 people, but it did not receive a European subsidy for this project. The city then reworked the project several times so that the construction of the facilities was cheaper, and the city could pay without the subsidy. Finally, the selected company will build a one-story house with an attic and a gable roof. “It will be a wooden building in which there will be a kitchen, a dining room with a social area and hygiene areas,” said the mayor. According to him, there will be a space in the attic where the participants of the camps will be able to spend time in case of rainy weather.

According to the mayor, the capacity of the camping base with tents will be for about 60 children. However, he assumes that schools could also use this place for field trips in May and June or in September or early October.

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