The Japanese have a special trick for cooking rice. One finger is all it takes and you’ll never mess it up again

None of us can avoid cooking rice. It is a frequent addition to many main dishes. Also, have you ever had rice that was undercooked or served something that looked more like overcooked porridge? See how they do it in Japan.

Nothing complicated? How when and how for whom

Someone strictly adheres to the cooking time, which is indicated on the product packaging. Others are employed and take care of children, hang laundry, clean the house or many other things while cooking. So sometimes it happens that the rice is not quite ideal. Hard grains are not very tasty, not to mention the overcooked sticky mass that rice turns into when overcooked. Try one tip they rely on in Japan.

A rice cooker? That is also a possibility

If you don’t want to worry about anything at all, get a special pot at home that plugs into an electrical outlet. This is a rice cooker. Here, precisely measure the amount of rice and water, add salt and turn on the timer. You don’t care about anything else. The rice will be cooked to your liking.

The right choice of rice is the basis

In Japan, they would tell you that it always depends on the specific type of rice you choose. Each of them requires a certain cooking time. Natural rice that is only partially hulled will take longer to cook. It is often cooked for half an hour.

Do you want rice that will be ready in ten or fifteen minutes? Choose jasmine or basmati rice. You can easily prepare basmati rice by steaming it, it will never stick. Jasmine rice is more suitable for making sushi, which will always be a little sticky and sticky.

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Parboiled will be firm and loose

Rice often has another inscription on the packaging. Parboiled. It is not a specific variety, but a way of treating rice. This rice is first soaked in hot water under vacuum. In this process, minerals and vitamins enter each grain.

Two other types of rice are known. For example, in Italy they like Carnaroli or Arborio, these types of rice are suitable for preparing porridge and risotto. When cooking these types, broth, water or wine is gradually added.

You will master the Japanese trick in no time

Next time you prepare rice, try to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. It is also important to choose the right amount of water. For this they use the index finger trick in Japan. Pour the rice into the pot and touch it with the tip of your index finger. Then pour enough water into the pot to reach the first joint of your finger. Then cook the rice according to the instructions.

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