The heating season has begun. How to save energy as much as possible? Pinme vm pr tip

The fact that the heating season has begun is not a reason to panic, if you know how to manage heat and energy efficiently. Here are tips on how to do it.

Get ready
First, do not turn the valve and turn on the heater, it is necessary to ventilate the radiators. Venting should be done before the end of the heating season and during it. It is recommended to start with the most local radiators and finish with the most frequently installed ones, such as Ondej, specialized products of the Korado company.

In addition, keep the heater free from dust. So you can place a clay tile behind the radiator, which will rub heat into the room. It is important to seal places where heat could escape. Properly closing windows and doors can increase the temperature in the room by two degrees Celsius. In winter, each side of the front door is exposed to extremely different temperatures. It’s good to know that the time of need has come and gone, explains Stanislav Obyt, business editor of VP trend.

Bleed yourself out
Regular sports, sauna and heating are related to the personal feeling of warmth. In this way, you will increase blood circulation in the body and resistance to diseases.

If you don’t wear slippers or boots at home, try them this winter, they are a good cold insulator from the floor. In the same way, it will help to complement the spaces with thick carpets, especially if you have a cold room at home.

If it means more to me, it will also apply to indoor temperatures this winter. 60 percent of the population is used to 25 degrees in the cold months. The optimal temperature in the two rooms is 21 degrees in summer and 18 degrees in summer. Cook and bake in the kitchen with heating, where you can reduce the temperature of the heater.

Rub the mole
If you cool off in the summer, they’ll send it to you in the winter, too. Place it near the heater, the warm air will flow more efficiently around the room. Escape during the night. Open the windows wide for a few minutes several times a day. The old air will dry out, but not as much heat will be lost as when the window is left just a little warm.

Those who have installed a vtrac unit with recuperation can be. Air is simultaneously sucked in and supplied, and thanks to the built-in ventilation, the units are able to send heat back to the interior with an efficiency of between 60 and 90 percent.

But catch it
If you are a fan of technology, smart switches or thermostats that allow you to adjust the heating intensity at any time will help you save electricity and gas.

In the case of gas, I want intelligent thermostats and heads. Of great help are preheating products, which in various models can save 20 to 50 percent of energy consumption, said David Fuchs, chairman of the board of directors of Agora DMT.

Energy property

  • Photovoltaic panels can also help reduce overall electricity costs. Their insurance costs are those, the investment should be stable within 10 years.
  • In summer, solar panels can be used for free for electricity and water heating, says Bohumil Plach, heat pump specialist from Ariston. According to him, in winter it is necessary to use other sources of energy, i.e. a combination with a heat pump that is used to burn spores.
  • Both can be applied for subsidies of 100 under the New Green program, which cover half of the input costs.

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