“This event allows us to connect what we love, beer, with a good intention. And that certainly belongs to Christmas, when blessed lager is sold,” says Petr Dvořák, director of Budejovice Budvar.

Humanitarian lager is brewed according to the same proven recipe as Budweiser Budvar Original, which has been the flagship of the national brewery from the very beginning. The act of blessing happens the moment the batch is freshly cooked. It then travels to the lager cellar, where it ages for weeks.

“The batch is carefully monitored by the production team, right up to the filling, which is hand-wrapped by volunteers. The final yield is the result of the work of everyone who contributed to its production and helped, like every year, a good cause”, says Budejovice Budvar brewer Adam Brož.

Tabor station commander Major Marek Sedláček spent two tours with the South Bohemian detachment directly in Hřensk.

The area of ​​the fire was huge, and the water was over gold, says the commander stationed in Hřensk

Su lager will traditionally be sold during the Christmas period, and this year it will only be available in bottled packaging. With this, Budějovice Budvar wants to support the idea that blessed lager belongs on the Christmas table.

“I believe that the special series of lager that I am blessing today will make everyone who drinks it happy. Either to those who receive a bottle of lager as a gift or to those who buy it for someone as a gift,” said Mons. Vlastimil Kročil, bishop of České Budějovice.

Gift wrapping traditionally also goes to the Vatican as a gift to the Holy Father, Pope Francis.

Pošumavská maringotka has been operating since 2020, you can enjoy a few days of undisturbed peace and quiet amidst untouched nature in Prachaticko.

Maringotki in Šumava are balm for the soul. How they were created and why the location is a secret