The best way to debone a chicken: Do you know Pohlreich’s clever trick…

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A whole chicken baked in the oven is an absolute classic that is prepared for Sunday lunch in many households. But try doing it differently. If you remove most of the bones from it and let it cook in the oven “flat”, not only will the chicken be much better cooked, but at the same time it will taste several times better. Thanks to its non-traditional shape, the spice mixture reaches places that are difficult to massage under normal circumstances.


Chicken can be baked in many ways. Some just bake it with cumin and salt, others prefer various spice mixes or stuff the chicken. All procedures have their advantages and disadvantages. The biggest problem with roasted chicken lies in the fact that at the end of the preparation, some of its parts are overcooked and some are undercooked. At the same time, you will never be able to season this poultry enough, because it is practically impossible to distribute the spices both outside and inside the chicken. So how do you ensure that all parts are cooked properly and taste equally good at the same time? Prepare “placato” chicken!

How to debone a chicken

In order to fry the chicken “breaded”, you must first debone it well. Thanks to this, the meat will expand and you will make a patty out of it. At first glance, deboning meat can seem like quite a demanding task. But if you have a very sharp knife, you can do it with the back left side.

Wash the whole chicken and pat dry with a paper towel. Place him on the board with his spine up and his chest down. Grasp one thigh and try to lift it with strong movements so that it dislocates at the hip. If you hear a small thump and your thigh loosens, you’ve done well. Then do the same with the other thigh. When you succeed, you can get rid of the spine. At the top of the neck, make a long incision on one side of the spine. Push more to cut through thin ribs. Cut the other side of the spine in the same way. Then you can easily remove the spine and get rid of the bishop along with it.

Use a knife or meat shears when deboning the chicken.
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Then turn the chicken breast side up and cut off the back of the wing. Try applying more pressure to the knife. We cut off the third part of the wing because there is no meat on it. So it doesn’t matter and it would just burn unnecessarily in the oven.

Press the breast with the palm of your hand, which will break up the rib cage more and give the chicken an even flatter appearance. If you want, you can turn the meat one more time and completely remove the bones from the brisket. But it’s better to leave them on the chicken. The bones will create a kind of shield for the chest, which will protect them from the heat. Chicken breasts dry out quite quickly, but the bones in the chest area help prevent this problem.

Naplacato Chicken Recipe

Fried chicken

“Fried” chicken tastes best on the grill, but you can also use it in the oven.
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Placato chicken can be prepared both on the grill and in the oven. Of course, it also has that typical and delicious taste of fire from the grill. But if you don’t have a grill or the weather isn’t on your side, even oven-roasted chicken tastes divine.

you will need:

1 small chicken

100 g of butter

2 lemons

a piece of fresh ginger

2 spoons of honey

1 hot pepper





Remove most of the bones from the chicken and arrange on a cutting board. Season with salt and pepper on both sides and let it rest for a while at room temperature. Meanwhile, prepare the marinade. Heat the butter in a pan, add the juice and zest of one lemon, honey, finely chopped ginger and chopped chili pepper. Allow everything to heat up briefly and remove from the stove.

Rub the chicken with the prepared marinade on both sides, at the same time massaging under the skin in places where the skin can be lifted slightly.

Then place the meat in a roasting pan. If you don’t have such a baking tray, place the meat on the classic grill that you have in the oven, and place a tray below on which the juices from the meat will drip. Place the chicken in the oven heated to 200°C and immediately reduce the temperature to 160°C. Let the meat roast for 45 minutes without supervision or any intervention.

After 45 minutes, coat the chicken with the rest of the marinade and also with baking powder. Sprinkle it with the juice of another lemon. Bake the chicken for another 15 minutes and it’s done! Breaded chicken is served with baked potato or vegetable salad, and also with lemon.

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