The Apple Festival in Hostětín invites you to ciders, a fair and tips on energy saving

The Apple Festival in Hostětín in the Uherskohradišť region invites you to cider tasting, a fair with craft demonstrations, children’s games and musical performances on Sunday, October 2. The educational program will offer instructions on saving energy and advice on how to realize a household without waste. There will be demonstrations of photovoltaics and electric car driving, said Hana Machů of the Veronica Ecological Institute, which is a co-organizer.

The program of the 19th year of the celebration will start at 11 am. It will also include apple competitions for adults, yoga for parents with children or a fashion show with a demonstration of sustainable fashion. In the village, the organizers are preparing a fair of regional producers, the dulcimer will be played throughout the afternoon. There will be an exhibition of more than 50 types of apple pastries by local housewives and confectioners from Fér Kaffé Veronica. “And the attraction, of course, is the fresh, freshly pressed Hostetin cider,” said Machů.

For children, there will be a research trail for getting to know nature in the natural garden of the Veronika Center, as well as craft workshops, cooking on the fire and picking apples by hand. “They will experience tension while climbing the adrenaline tower, they will try to overcome obstacles during the bungee run. The little ones can ride on the wooden carousel,” said Machů.

The apple festival is an example of an ecologically sustainable event. The organizers try to make it without waste. If visitors leave their car at home and arrive by train, they will receive a bonus in the form of a voucher of 100 crowns for refreshments. “This year, we decided to prepare refreshments without meat. The negative effects of meat production on climate change have long been scientifically proven, and we want to emphasize that. In addition, the Veronika Center’s kitchen is known for its vegetarian dishes, and cook Lenka even prepared a treat for King Karl III during his visit to Hostětín in 2010,” added Machů.

Those interested will be able to go on a tour of sustainable infrastructure projects in the village. “We see great sense in our eco-advisory program and invite visitors to come and be inspired how they can better manage this year’s energy challenges. We have experience with saving energy, using photovoltaics and using an electric car that you can drive in,” said Michaela, guarantor of the Gajdošová educational program More information about the festival is available on the website.

The Veronica Ecological Institute organizes the festival in cooperation with the association Tradice Bílých Carpathians, the Hostětín cider house and the municipality of Hostětín, which is known for its activities aimed at saving energy and protecting the environment. For them, the village received the national award for the Czech Republic at the 2007 Energy Globe competition and the green ribbon at the 2009 Village of the Year competition.


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