Stove, stove or fireplace? “Today, an open fireplace is just an aesthetic thing,” he advises

Stoves, stoves, fireplaces and stoves. I think we’re probably a bit confused by the terminology.

Most people say they want an oven, but they want a stove, for example. The public is a bit confused.

Let’s distinguish: what is the stove for, and what is the stove for?

The stove used to be an integral part of all cottages – it was not always a clay stove, the poorer ones had, for example, a brick stove. A stove is a device, a heater, for preparing food. Both for cooking and baking. It had an oven, and it used to have a stove. It used to be different depending on what kind of pocket people had. The magistrate had a stove built into the roof, the shepherd’s house had a trough for pigs built into a clay oven or a clay oven next to the oven.

Please explain what a stove is and what it is for.

Kamnovec is a device, a vessel for heating water. Today we have boilers, then there were none. People who were constantly cooking in the stove, or at least during the day, had a certain amount of water in it, maybe twenty or thirty liters, and the water was warm.

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Nowadays, some cottages sometimes require it, but I think it’s an unnecessary investment at the prices they are today. If they forget and the house freezes, the frost can damage the stove. Another thing is that the water can still boil there, which means it evaporates – also nothing positive for life. If someone does not have problems with bronchial tubes, with dry air, but this does not happen in cottages. (smiles)

Then there are fireplaces, open or with an insert. Today, open fireplaces are made only for aesthetic reasons, for environmental reasons and because of the cost of fuel. An open fireplace is just a design thing.

It is replaced by the fact that the portal can be the same, but a fireplace is placed inside, which is a rather sophisticated device for burning wood. It has a large glass, it can be of different sizes. One has contact with fire, which is visible, but it is a closed hearth that burns perfectly, does not produce waste materials and heats well.

Jan Vodenka's stomach

The fireplace is aesthetic, the stove is for cooking, and if I want to heat, I need a stove…?

If I want to heat, then either a fireplace with an insert or a stove. Here, people understand that I build a fireplace with an insert or a stove with an insert and a hot water exchanger in order to heat the whole house. But that’s a little different.

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If we look at the heat losses of houses or buildings that were built 30 years ago and today, we know that the standard for heat losses in buildings has been tightened since this year. When we used to make a fireplace with an insert that had a power of 10, 12 and 14 kilowatts, today I will heat three new buildings with it.

So you are faced with customers who come to you, they have an amazing idea for a stove, but they have a low-energy house, so they would completely convert it into a sauna.

There is already a concept of overheating, sometimes it is already the subject of a court case. You build a fireplace, but if people flood, they can’t grow vegetables there at all, because it’s 30 degrees there.

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