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VIP Prostreno continued on Wednesday evening on TV Prima with another episode. This time, the famous personalities were invited to her residence by trainer and host Sonia Edde. First, she took the guests to the shooting range, and then she prepared grilled diakonies for them. There was no lack of funny situations.

Trainer, DJ and presenter Sonia Edde greeted her guests on the show VIP Prostřeno on Wednesday. At the very beginning, she admitted that she doesn’t use the kitchen much. That’s why she invited her helper Aleš to cook, who, according to her, is a professional. “But I’ll cook myself, he’ll just supervise” she added.

The bread is black as coal

At the same time, she started preparing food. As the first appetizer, she chose stuffed mushrooms with shrimp and homemade bread. While she was baking it, she made the first mistake of burning the bread. “He is as black as coal,” she commented laconically. The second appetizer is stuffed again – but this time with tomatoes. It was served as a main dish marinated grilled pork ribs with coleslaw and cucumber sorbet with yellow melon for dessert.

“Too bad the sun is out, it’s perfect for a warm summer day,” Sonia blurted out while she was cooking. However, the first guests have already started arriving. Program it starts with fun, and the guests were greeted only by water, because they are not allowed to drink at the shooting range they are going to.

Each was given ten bullets, five for practice and five for competition, and then shot at the target. Sonia She has been shooting since she was little, she even bought a gun. Andrea POmeje was almost injured during the shooting, because a bullet landed in her shoe. In the end, Petr Vojnar won.

I like to be stuffed

After moving into Sonia’s apartment, the food was finally served. The guests liked the appetizer, and especially the homemade bread. Only Petar Vojnar was bothered by the excess garlic. Sonia then commented on the second appetizer with a cheeky joke “I I like to be loaded.” “MSonia and I are a bit like teenagers,” said the amused Soldier.

However, that was not the last funny situation. Guests tried on clothes from Sonya’s wardrobe during the popular fiddling. There was also a fur coat. “Lthey live like rain, and I’m already eating again.” she parodied the famous composition of Leoš Mareš by Andrea Pomej. There were also games with a talking stuffed animal.

A soldier as a teenager

On the other hand, the guests did not want to practice the smiling method of dissolving sadness in the form of an open mouth. “Then at least try it at home,” Sonia tried to convince them. A flambéed pineapple was served with it, but the guests found it stiff. While eating sorbet The soldier pretended to have an allergic shock and thereby confirmed his words about the behavior of adolescents.

Sonia ended up with 32 points, which is not enough to win. The main thing that brought her down was that she didn’t prepare the food herself. However, the guests mostly liked the food and they don’t have to be ashamed of their performance.

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