Quick and easy one-pot chicken curry with potatoes

The word “curry” refers to dry mixtures of aromatic exotics Spiceas seasoning paste and also a whole group of dishes – from strictly vegan to those containing juicy pieces of meat. Curry it can be mild or spicy, yellow, red or green, in short, curry is as diverse as India and Southeast Asia, where it comes from. This delicious chicken with potatoes in a thick fragrant sauce will be ready in half an hour.



Dice the onion. Peel the ginger and garlic and grate them on a fine grater. Peeled potatoes cut into bite-sized pieces and leave submerged in water until needed. Also cut the cleaned and dried chicken into bite-sized pieces.


In a deep pan, heat the oil to a higher, but not the highest, level, add the onion and fry until glassy. Then add the ginger, garlic and curry paste and briefly stir in the hot fat until fragrant.

Tip: Depending on your taste and the sharpness of the curry paste, you can add a piece of finely chopped fresh to the pan chili peppers.


Add the chicken to the pan and fry briefly, stirring constantly, until golden brown. Pour water over and add the drained potatoes, it should be slightly below the liquid level. Reduce heat and simmer until tender, about 25 minutes.


Finally, mix the coconut milk into the food, add lime juice to taste and heat it up for a short time. Despite the fact that the dish already contains potatoes, it is often served with it original or with pastries. But don’t forget to garnish it on the plate with fresh cilantro and add a wedge of lime for garnish.

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