Pins of 8 different times: for bathing, fire, dressing, etc.

It might be suggested that you throw fallen needles and small twigs from conifers and shrubs in the trash. It may surprise you, but pine needles can be reused and used around the house in several different ways.

On the pillows

Fallen needles from the Christmas tree will also serve as permanent filling for garden and balcony pillows. At least for the bottom cover, though, choose a strong bag that isn’t pierced with sharp needles.

On the grill

Sprinkle pine needles over charcoal while grilling. Fragrant smoke gives grilled meat a delicious aroma.

For polishing wood

If you like the smell of the forest, pour pine needles into a half-full jar and cover with wine vinegar. Let it sit for a few weeks. Then strain the macerate and use the leached water for polishing and scenting boards and wooden surfaces or parquet.

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In the bathtub

Boil a cup of pine needles in a pot of water and let it steep for about 20 minutes. The broth will soothe your tired feet. Such a lava bath will refresh them and prevent excessive sweating.

Into the fire

Tie a few dry conifer twigs into a bundle and place them under wood and newspaper in the fireplace or stove. If they ignite and extinguish quickly, it is advisable to combine them with other materials that burn longer. But the smell!

In the compost

Because they blend in well, it’s worth adding the needles to the compost. It will attach the other components of the compost mixture so that they do not fly away from it.

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For dressing up

Fill the jar halfway with pine needles and add apple cider vinegar. Let the moon soak in. You can use the aromatic extract in cooking as a base for salad dressings, marinades and sauces.

For perfuming the toilet

Do spray air fresheners make you cough? Create your own fragrance. Boil pine needles with citrus peel, cloves and cinnamon rolls. Pour into a spray bottle or bottle, dip a stick in it and let it evaporate.

SOURCE: Magazine Vlasta, Magazine Fabulous Woman

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