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Maybe sometimes you get a desire for this kind of homemade pizza – seasoned with the ingredients you like. But how to do it? After all, it’s not exactly the same from the oven… You’re right! Try our grilled pizza.

The most important thing to start with – you can make pizza on any grill that has a lid. You don’t even need a special pizza plate, that’s a convenience, but not a necessity.

The perfect Italian pizza dough

A good pizza starts with the perfect dough. There are several different varieties as well as different flavors. Italian is definitely among the favorites. You don’t need too many ingredients for this, but what you will need is time.

Grilled pizza

Ingredients for 1 pizza

100 g flour type 00

70 ml of chilled mineral water

3 g of fine salt

1 g of fresh yeast


1 First put the flour in the food processor and let it mix for about 2 to 3 minutes to aerate. Slowly add 65 ml of water and let it mix for a minute or two. Then mix for another three minutes until a rough, uneven dough forms.

2 Now let the dough rest covered with a damp cloth for about 3 hours.

3 Towards the end, dissolve the yeast in the remaining water, the water should be lukewarm. Allow the dough to ferment again and gradually add the mixture of water and yeast and salt. This will take about another 6 to 7 minutes. Keep the dough at a temperature of about 25 degrees so that the yeast can work.

4 Now comes the deciding factor – time. The dough should be left covered to rise for about 30 hours at about 16-18 degrees and another 5-6 hours at room temperature. Then it is just ready for processing.

5 When making the dough, it is important to use only your hands and not a rolling pin. The dough should be thin on the inside and slightly thicker on the edges.

6 Finally, top the pizza to your liking. Although the classic Italian rule applies – less is more. The base is always tomato sauce and mozzarella. Other ingredients are usually added after heat treatment.

What you need for grilling

If you want to properly prepare pizza on the grill, you will need a pizza stone. It is a plate made of ceramic materials and absorbs and releases heat very well. If you wish, you can also use a tin plate for pizza.

How to grill properly

When grilling pizza, the higher the temperature of the grill, the better. With a gas grill, set the burners to maximum heat, and with a charcoal grill, more practice is required. For both, you need to reach a temperature of about 350-400 degrees. The baking time is then only a few minutes.


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