The company is preparing the expansion of the existing Miele location on the outskirts of Uničovo, where the spatial plan of the city allows such use of additional space.

The new halls and other facilities will occupy a total of 51,897 square meters. The plan envisages the construction of a total of 432 parking spaces.

Visualization of the transformation of the bus station in Litovla

Finally, the transformation of the bus station in Litovla will begin. This is what it should look like

“Automated warehouses for the storage of production materials, a logistics hall and the construction of two halls for assembly lines of final devices will be built. And one of the halls will be exposed only in the second phase”, according to the statement about the company’s intention published on the official boards as part of the process of assessing the impact of construction on the environment – EIA.

In the assembly halls, which will be two – for washing machines and clothes dryers – 150 and 210 workers per shift should work in three shifts.

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However, the total number of employees in the Miele technology area will actually increase by only 120, one assembly line – dishwashers, the remaining employees are currently already employed in that area.

“To secure the contents, a four-story building will be built in which a cafeteria, changing rooms and offices for THP workers will be built. The dining room will not be provided for the preparation of all meals, but only for hot and cold buffets and snacks. The main meal will be provided from another kitchen,” the documentation states.

If the company succeeds in obtaining the necessary permits, construction is expected to begin next year and be completed in 2024/2025.

The production facility of Miele technik in Uničov was founded in 2002 and is the only facility of the Miele concern in the Czech Republic. Here, the company concentrates on the production and assembly of devices in the field of laundry and tableware care.