MasterChef Czech Republic 2022: Season 6 contestants

Star chef Přemek Forejt sat on the jury againRadek Kašpárek and Jan Punchochář. Another novelty of this series is that each of them got a golden ticketwho put one of the contestants straight from the casting round into the final TOP 16.

The winner invites Kašparek to the kitchen

For the winner, who must perfectly master the cooking technique, have exquisite taste, know how to work under pressure and must not be afraid to show his true character, this year, in addition to the dream trophy and a million crowns, another fantastic prize awaits you. And that in the form of Radek Kašparek’s offer to cook with him in his new restaurant.

About the last one that went out on the balcony intended for the sixteen best amateur chefs, decided last year’s winner nicknamed Besky (real name Veronika Dinišová), who prepared a difficult task for them, i.e. to bake a dessert – a heavenly tartlet.

And what will you see next?

Battle for the Immunity Badge! Next to the MaterChef kitchen the rising star of Czech gastronomy Jan Horák will visit, who traveled the world to learn everything he could and pass it on. The he worked, among other things, as a Sous Chef at the Four Seasons Hotel Prague.

TOP 16 MasterChef Czech Republic 2022:

Malika – 44 years old, human resources employee, Limoges


Author: TV Nova

  • Her husband is a diplomat, so they lived in Finland, Bosnia, America, France, then Canada, and then settled in Prague for a while.
  • She started cooking as a child. Otherwise, she cooks for her husband and four children every day. As she revealed, she would like to open a coffee shop, perhaps with a bookstore or bicycle service.
  • The judges were delighted with the fillet with sweet and sour sauce, an excellent colorful salad and rice. Punchochář shot her with his golden ticket to the balcony intended for the TOP 16 final, who even said that she cooked one of the best dishes he had ever eaten.

Alžběta alias Betty – 27 years old, marketing manager, Prague


Author: TV Nova

  • From a young age, she enjoyed everything related to food: grocery shopping, growing vegetables in the garden, cooking, baking. She watched Jamie Oliver instead of Večerniček. At the age of seventeen, she went on a two-month cooking course in London. Then she went to the Faculty of Economics and thus acquired the business basics for eventually opening a restaurant.
  • Betty would like to open a guesthouse with a restaurant in the mountains.
  • As an introductory course, she prepared a modern dill with smoked trout, potato gnocchi and eggs. All three judges were very pleased and Kašpárek gave her the golden ticket, which moved her straight to the TOP 16.

Robin – 28 years old, marketing specialist, Prague (originally from Vietnam)


Author: TV Nova

  • By day, Robin is a trader, and by night, I become an enthusiastic amateur chef. She loves Czech cuisine and likes to combine it with Asian flavors.
  • Robin’s goal is to own and run a restaurant business that he would create exactly according to his ideas (for example, he likes the color blue, prefers ketchup with fries, and his favorite sandwich is crab).
  • He prepared tomato sauces with Asian ingredients. His preparation of meat, divinely spiced star anise sauce and fennel salad won over all the judges. Foreit sent him directly to the final TOP 16 with his golden ticket.

Ivana alias Ivka – 36 years old, PVC carpentry calculator, Brno


Author: TV Nova

  • He had a hard life. While baking a cake, she suffered a stroke and woke up paralyzed in half of her body. As she said, she was strict with herself, so she fully recovered.
  • When he cooks, he likes to combine irreconcilable things. She used to make blueberry sushi at home. A win would mark a new beginning for her.
  • As a dish that describes her, she prepared stuffed cottage cheese pies and advanced to the next competition. She reached the TOP 16 balcony in fourth, thanks to an excellent shrimp cream with well-cooked shrimp and fennel.

Martina – 52 years old, housewife, Palaia


Author: TV Nova

  • In Palaia, a municipality in the province of Pisa in Italy’s Tuscany region, Martina’s family started a truffle project. In their laboratory, “Tartufiprete” is the queen of the wooden spoon.
  • Ravioli with rice filling and truffles entered the TOP 30, while perfectly fried shrimp, very well seasoned puree and crispy chickpeas entered the final TOP 16.

Lucie alias Číča – 24 years old, student of special zootechnics, Brno


Author: TV Nova

  • She got the nickname Cíča in national handball, which she plays competitively and in which she is also a coach. Her friends started calling her that because, as they say, she is “so fluffy – just like a chinchilla”.
  • At school, Číča studies goats on the exotic island of Socotra, which no one here has studied before. In the future, she would like to have her own show where she travels, cooks and shows people new recipes.
  • She chose insect tacos as the dish that describes her. She did a great job with the blue corn pancake, avocado espuma and roasted worms and crickets. Although the judges didn’t really want to bite the insect, they had to recognize the quality of her food and sent her on.
  • An apron with the nickname Číča and passage to the final TOP 16 ensured her pineapple curry with shrimp.

Martin – 40, graphic designer, Prague


Author: TV Nova

  • A typographer with twenty years of experience, Martin specializes in book editing. He wrote two books, printed free graphics, painted pictures, collected pipes and fogs.
  • He tries to cook Czech, Moravian, Italian and French cuisine. His goal is to improve cooking, and his dream is to make a book about Moravian and Czech butchers.
  • Tortellini stuffed with ragù bianco of root vegetables and pearls with sauce ensured his progress, and chicken roll stuffed with vegetables and potato fondant entered the final TOP 16.

Adam – 31 years old, art director, Prague


Author: TV Nova

  • He graduated from the art-industrial school. For several months, Adam, who his friends call Ado, was in Brazil, then Southeast Asia, living with different families in the jungle. According to him, cooking is painting on a plate.
  • For the dish that describes him, he chose a special chicken paprikash. Although he did not like him as a child, he later found his way to him. All the judges were extremely pleased with him.
  • Shrimp risotto with perfectly fried and juicy shrimp entered the final TOP 16.

Aco – 27 years old, professor of geography, Prague (originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina)

And what

Author: TV Nova

  • He prefers to cook for friends when the opportunity arises. Otherwise, she usually prepares cakes and puff pastry.
  • He likes airplanes, travel, mountains and the sea. He loves monkeys and believes that one day I will have one. His queen for now is a dog named Queena.
  • His class accompanied him to the casting and brought him luck. He cooked the Bosnian version of cordon bleu. The judges sent him to the balcony of the final TOP 16 after tasting his perfectly prepared shrimp with prosciutto, lentil salad and roasted peppers.

Sofie – 19 years old, student, Černošice


Author: TV Nova

  • She graduated in France, where she had the opportunity to get to know French culture, but especially its cuisine. Classical music is also her inspiration. He is the conductor in the kitchen, he wants the dish to be a symphony of flavors.
  • Her sister has a mental disorder and cooking is therapy for her. Sofie would like to build a house for people with similar disabilities.
  • She served the judges French puff pastry balls filled with carrots with dill and cod marinated in lemon. Pigeon with fritters, cabbage and orange reduction brought her to the final TOP 16.

Luboš – 43 years old, policeman, Strážiste


Author: TV Nova

  • The occupation of the policeman Luboš, who is called Lubina, is fun, but sometimes very exhausting. He enjoys working with people, which is why he works as a volunteer firefighter and cooperates with the Red Cross.
  • He and his wife and two sons have a small farm, so many of the ingredients he uses in his favorite cooking are grown by himself. He also likes good wine, as he says, it is an integral part of food, and he would like to combine everything into one meaningful whole.
  • It reached the TOP 30 with wild boar loins, potato croquettes stuffed with foxes in mushroom dust. The apron with his name, and thus the passage to the TOP 16, was secured by salmon with a perfectly flavored Asian salad and cauliflower puree.

Vojtěch – 28 years old, lifestyle trainer, Vsetín


Author: TV Nova

  • In his native Vsetin, he played hockey and paid tribute to plum wine. After high school, he decided to live with his head and went to Prague to study mathematics.
  • Vojto, the winner of the 2019 Man of the Year title, was diagnosed with infertility. He started healthy cooking and healed himself without the help of pills.
  • As his signature dish, he chose sea bream with buckwheat butter, which he says is a Wallachian variant, with sauerkraut sauce with sausage oil. He entered the TOP 16 after showing the judges salmon, black lentil ragout and white wine sauce.

Milan – 19 years old, auxiliary staff in the school canteen, Krompač


Author: TV Nova

  • From a young age, he grew up in a children’s home, then he was adopted by his grandmother, but she died soon after. He has ten brothers and sisters, all of whom lived in kindergarten.
  • His dream is to have a house where he would have a restaurant where he would teach children to cook.
  • Roma-style duck moved it into the TOP 30, and among the TOP 16 mushroom slices, mushroom ragout and baked potatoes.

Tereza – 25 years old, student, Ostrava

It’s here

Author: TV Nova

  • She studied English, is dedicated to translating and editing various professional and lay texts. From the age of eighteen, she often worked abroad, where she got to know foreign cultures and tastes.
  • She would like to work in gastronomy. Her dream is to have a cooking academy.
  • She wowed the judges with her variation on Greek street food (her mother is from the Czech Republic and her father is from Greece). Lobster bisque, i.e. lobster with herb crust, secured her a place in the TOP 16 finals.

Petra – 51 years old, nutritionist, trainer, Prague


Author: TV Nova

  • Cooking became her lifelong passion. As she said, nothing beats the love of food. According to her, steak is the sexiest thing in the world, and onion fried in butter is the most fragrant thing under the sun, second only to the smell of babies.
  • In the future, she would like to have her own cooking show. According to her, food should be cheerful, wild and joyful.
  • Despite throwing out butter chicken with cauliflower rice, she made it to the final TOP 16 thanks to a perfectly cooked roast beef with roasted vegetables and fennel salad.

Ondřej – 33 years old, machinist in glass production, Světlá nad Sázavou


Author: TV Nova

  • Ondra’s goal in life is to raise her son to be a decent person and to be a role model for him. His dream is to get a beautiful stable with them in Visočina, which he loves, and to take care of people at weddings or on one of their beautiful days.
  • His perch, which he says is the Rolls-Royce of freshwater fish, with baby potatoes, root vegetables, leafy spinach and a citrus sauce was the absolute bomb according to the judges.
  • He and three other competitors competed for the last place on the final balcony. The winner of the MasterChef Czech Republic 2021 title, Besky, decided to do so in the sixth episode of the show. Ondra managed to imitate her recipe the best, that is, to bake a dessert – a heavenly tartlet.

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