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Like half of us, we at home follow the development of energy prices and I will not cry if you are restless. Therefore, I appreciate any advice on how to save electricity and gas, and I notice that there are tips on the Internet for kitchens to save energy as well as money. I recently learned that it is advisable to use a pot when cooking, because water and any food will heat up faster, otherwise it will burn. The author and the author, I don’t know, thought so, so there is no need to interfere.

Manelka and we are both children, we started to understand each other in advanced years, both in families that certainly cannot be described as rich. From those years, I remember how it was taken for granted, and later, when I was helping a little in the kitchen, I was very sorry that I missed this bite.

At two o’clock my mother-in-law was working with the cascade, when she was doing something she put a casket with water on the pot, and then I clicked on it. The contents of the pot overflowed, and the water in the tank was curving. The mother-in-law knew it from the outside. Later I ran ads for pyramid pots, pot sets where the lower one heats up and the longer one works with water. The creators turned to the knowledge of generations.

Later, I told the students on the podium that water has the highest heat of vaporization of similar compounds in the liquid state, which, translated to Piblin cells, means that if a kilogram of water is heated by one degree, then two grams of water will burn and the rest will cool again around that degree . That’s what our body works on, we fall asleep quickly and don’t sweat. After that he moistened his hair in an unpleasant morning to catch a cold, but again we use acilpyrine, we sweat and get cold at the same time as we treat.

Look around, it’s a revelation for someone crazy. What else disputes? As another author wrote, it should not be thrown away when it hardens, but it is recommended to grind it into breadcrumbs. How many times did I sit down and turn the handle of the grinder to process the old roll in this way. They just warned me not to push the last bits with my fingers. Nowadays, the grinder is undoubtedly electric, but you probably have to pay attention to your fingers too, if it’s not a device to be among the smart ones. If there is, but she can’t do it alone, without supervision.

It’s like you’re filling me with hard bread. I didn’t grind it, because it was used to make toast or half bread, which had different varieties depending on what was on hand. I also lived with my grandmother, who found the world’s first wolf in the following years, so her kitchen was without any leftovers, except for potato peels, apple cores and various seeds. We spoke half at home, but not a lot. My brother and I ate two loaves, but it didn’t harden. I repeatedly recall the statistics of how many tens of kilograms of food the average household throws away. How much did it cost originally?

At the same time, I realize, I can pray, that a recipe that does not require energy or money has somehow disappeared from the Internet. Sometimes the headline promises a really great lunch, usually add some meat here. Significant bv an impressive set of ingredients. I once came across a dozen of them, including other cats I don’t even know. Everything was pre-processed, some fried, some stewed, everything was mixed. and preparations? Sometimes an hour, sometimes more. A recipe worthy of alchemists who used a series of different operations lasting several days and weeks. Their excuse is that they wanted to make gold. This is just lunch, so it can’t be a few days old. All lunch is undoubtedly delicious, but it is not cheap. These recipes do not mention the use of legumes, perhaps dating back to a time of cheaper energy.

I remember the diet of my childhood, which did not know the vast majority of the ingredients of a really hot lunch. That and meat were very rare back then. For example, my mother-in-law’s vail without meat. It smelled good, it tasted good. We peeled potatoes at home, only the butter had to be boiled, we had to go by train for a while to peel it. Potatoes were an ingredient in many simple dishes. pork sausage, I also saw a baguette with my grandson on the Internet, supplemented with cucumber slices, for nronj avkodem, filled with other delicacies. It’s another time. We had bread and cereals, butter was expensive even then, and apples. It is.

By the way, even simple dishes from our childhood were delicious and we still prepare them at home today. Maybe, and you will think about how to save electricity, gas and so on pensions, try asking the natives what happened at home. Although they are mostly young, they have a better sense of building, when there are lines for everything. More than once there was doubt about what I gave, and it turned out to be incorrect. And it was all under the hood, no one had to remember it.

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