Jakub faked his eye make-up…

The decoration of the competition is Betty on the balcony, who with the golden ticket watched her rivals compete from the first moment. She rejoiced in her successes and often took her losses much worse than the contestants down by the stove.

We already know the judges from all over, the hoards and the sponsors as well. We still know very little about the food being prepared. The camera jumps here and there, and instead of skillful hands and following the preparations, we look at the smiles of Foreit and the sweaty foreheads of the contestants.

The other half of the competition participants also got two opportunities to fight for an apron and a place in the competition TOP 16. It was up to each contestant to choose whether to present themselves in a better light by using 90 minutes or just 45 minutes to prepare the food. However, the chefs made up for the short time with a pantry with a very high-quality assortment of food. The three contestants who took the longer term had to settle for less generous food choices. They were also at a disadvantage because they started cooking earlier, so the others watched them.

When it was the turn of the second group, there was a good crowd in the pantry and everyone wanted to take the best for themselves.

Martin did not forget to mention again in front of the camera that he does not have many ingredients in hand yet, because they are from the children’s home. Someone should tell him that even a normal family does not have pigeons, salmon or lobster on the table every day. It’s getting kind of boring because of that self-pity.

Besky, winner of the last MasterChef competition and judges, source: TV Nova

In the end, everyone got what they needed, the clanking of knives and the sizzling of pans on the fire. And they all cooked interesting dishes. Roast beef Petre, who chose the 90-minute fight, looked good, but the jury had reservations that she could have tried something more complicated. Ondra made excellent spinach gnocchi, but the roast failed the jury. Jakub had a similar feeling, who made excellent fish and pasta, but Kašparek was not satisfied with the sauce. The food did not go well with Catherine from Prague, who made a sea wolf and immediately left the studio after the presentation of the dish.

She was a surprise student Sofia. Who, like a mouse, crawled through the crowd choosing ingredients and immediately took the pigeon she caught to the table so that no one would take it from her. She offered the jury puffed fritters with cabbage, orange reduction and garnished them with pigeon breast. Although the jury suffocated and strained her for some time, in the end it was this inconspicuous girl who got the first apron and a place on the balcony.

The other, who immediately boiled the apron, was cheerful police officer Luboš, who delighted with salmon with cauliflower puree and Asian salad. He noted that this competition could show him a different path, and he could trade “helping and protecting” for a permanent chef’s apron.

A quick elimination followed. He took the apron away Vojta for the black lentil ragout, It’s here for the lobster, self-pity Milana Peterwho surprised even the jury with her unadulterated joy when she decided to hug them all warmly.

The judges should tell Jakub that he’s not the happiest when he paints his nails black for the cooking competition. Enough with the fact that he has to express his personality with eye makeup. It was Jakub and Ondřej who got the chance to fight for the last place in the semi-finals. They were joined by Josef and Tomáš from the previous elimination.

Before the four young men was an important challenge that sweetened them Besky, the previous year’s winner. She brought dessert, and four amateur chefs were given the task of making a sweet treat “paradise tartlet” (a cookie made from Linnaeus dough). This time it is filled with pear cream and decorated with walnuts and caramel. Although none of the contestants were really candy specialists, in the end they all managed to hit a successful target in 100 minutes, but only Ondra di took the apron. It was his dessert that Besky chose as the best.

And next time, the best will compete and it will mostly be nerve-wracking. Finally, Betty will also stand by the stove and not mourn eliminated opponents.

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