Internal door sound insulation test: Are honeycomb or chipboard doors better? Professional installation is both alpha and omega

The Institute of Healthy Living decided to test seven randomly selected doors from the market, both honeycomb and chipboard. “Particleboards differ precisely in their weight,” says Tomáš Sysel from the Institute for Healthy Living.

The doors are properly installed and measured in accordance with ČSN ISO 10140-2 in the State Test Facility. “According to the standard, the test should be done with the threshold installed, but since modern households use recuperation for heating and air exchange, the threshold is removed (or a hole must be made in the door with the threshold for proper air circulation), we decided to do two test for each door. With and without threshold.’

The worst non-threshold door had an attenuation of 15 dB, the best had an attenuation of 18 dB. The measurement passed even in the next sound insulation test when setting the threshold. The worst door in the test had an attenuation of 17 dB, and the best 23 dB. “This is where the difference is the biggest. Subjectively, 3 dB is a very big difference in noise, and 5 dB (that is, almost double the noise value) is a huge difference.”

Interior door

“The hardest door won, but I can’t reveal the maker. Norma only knows the concept of a door with a threshold. However, thresholds are no longer used in modern interiors. This is how we once again fall into the pitfalls that we regularly draw our attention to. What the standard wants, what the paper can handle and what is a normal life”, adds Tomáš Sysel from the Institute for a Healthy Life.

Most mistakes are made during assembly

Door frames also play a role. It is interesting that even with the worst, cheapest and lightest doors, the frames were heavier than the sash itself. It’s all in the material. The classic cheapest honeycomb doors from the supermarket will not work for noise reduction. It is better to choose a reputable manufacturer, pay a few hundred crowns more and, above all, check if they are installed correctly.

“Most mistakes are made during the installation of door frames. Most of the time, the installer will put three or four scoops of mounting foam to hold the jambs in the opening, and the noise will pass through the rest of the jamb. Then it doesn’t matter how good the door is, because we will still suffer from noise,” explains Tomáš Sysel.

The doors are open at Vrány Farm

The alpha and omega of a quality chipboard door is that it is installed correctly. Follow the manual provided by the manufacturer with the door. That’s why it’s better to buy a door with assembly or find a quality installer who won’t screw up his job.

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