IN – Disputesexual, neosexual or lumbersexual… Find out about the types of men today

When you meet a man at a cosmetic, manicure or pedicure, there is nothing special about it. No one thinks about the fact that a man sheds a tear every now and then, has a pink shirt in the closet, smells nice and secretly borrows anti-wrinkle cream from his beloved here and there, even though he has his own cosmetics. Men today are divided into different categories. Do you know which one you would like at home and which one you definitely don’t?

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You simply cannot miss these people on the street. Their territory is luxury boutiques with fashion, where they choose clothes according to current fashion trends. His drawer is full of quality underwear that is the basis of his wardrobe. People define him as a man who has more pairs of shoes than a woman. For a metrosexual, this is not a problem, and he is not ashamed to spend on beautification in the form of well-groomed manicures, visits to barbershops where he will get a custom haircut, or various cosmetic procedures that slow down the aging process. In his bathroom at home, he has a large stock of anti-aging products and gadgets that no woman would be ashamed of. He likes to drive to a wellness center in his luxury car, where he allows himself to be pampered like a king, or fly to a famous resort for a long weekend or vacation. Its irresistible appearance is emphasized by a distinct spicy aroma. He likes nightlife and looks for trendy places that are currently being talked about.

If you are looking for typical metrosexuals in the world, you only need to look at the football fields, where they are clearly ruled by the current Cristiano Ronaldo or the former footballer David Beckham.


He is an updated version of the metrosexual who is obsessed with achieving the perfect body in the gym, where he compares himself to like-minded people. He likes to present his pumped and toned body with recognizable tattoos on social networks, where he is very active. This man will list from memory what nutritional supplements he is currently taking at lightning speed and recommend that you start too. He can often be seen wearing tight, fitted shirts with plunging necklines to show off his tan and toned muscles. Many young men transformed their bodies to feel valuable to society.

This guy has no idols, role models or ideals. He is so focused on building his musculature that he is completely self-sufficient. If, however, we have to give an illustrative example, Olympic swimmer Tom Daley or TV star Dan Osborne fill it perfectly.


A very masculine man who has no problem with body hair, on the contrary, he cuts and cares for it. He has a normal or slightly muscular build. He is in no way addicted to creams, hair products and does not even suffer from depilation. He is a man who takes care of himself, but does not go to extremes. Men who promote this type of masculinity like to share experiences, such as movies, reading a good book, drinking coffee and wine, or listening to music. They are characterized by brutal honesty and speak straight to the face. This character trait is very attractive to some women. In addition to all these qualities, neosexuals are romantic men who enjoy a couple, take care and educate their children and help around the house without any problems.

Actors Daniel Craig and George Clooney are among the representatives of this man.

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This man is brimming with healthy self-confidence and has his own style. He is an individual who cares about his image, he is interested in fashion without exaggeration. He’s the type of man who challenges the traditional beer-drinking, sports-loving, muscle-obsessed male stereotype. She dresses elegantly with a certain old-fashioned casualness. His performance is not spontaneous or improvised, but well rehearsed. His interests are more conservative in business, politics and social issues. He doesn’t care and doesn’t feel nervous about what people around him think about him. He is so confident that he doesn’t mind going against the usual stereotypes. You won’t find this type of man in stores or gyms. They like to take care of their appearance without unnecessary bruises, but they don’t neglect current trends either.

In the world, actors Bono Vox or Leonardo DiCaprio represent this model. In the Czech Republic, these parameters are fulfilled by Jiří Bartoška or Marek Vašut.


Mostly he is a bachelor who loves cooking and considers it a certain form of art. This man won’t take you out to dinner at the best restaurant in town, but he will handcraft a menu for you at home. They will surprise you with a good presentation of the dishes, which they will combine with the best wine. Temptresses with aprons are mostly between 25 and 40 years old, have independent occupations and a high social status. They don’t cook occasionally, but everyday, because they consider cooking a part of their personality and believe that conquering a woman leads through the palate. In short, they use the kitchen as a kind of flirtation.

One of the role models for gastrosexuals is British TV chef Jamie Oliver.


He is a well-groomed man who at first glance looks like a modern lumberjack. He has a groomed and often groomed beard, a stash of flannels and plaid shirts that he likes to pair with denim, and heavy “farmer” boots are his trademark. He recognizes the cultural shift towards environmental protection, working in an office is a nightmare for him. This type is an ideal candidate for outdoor activities on difficult terrain, where in addition to the eschus, he also carries a knife on his belt. If necessary, he is not afraid to use it to protect his half from the enemy, who prefers to retreat.

Among the hottest candidates for lumbersexuals, we can include actor Jason Momoa.

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