I finally learned how to properly thicken the sauce. It took me years, now I’ll tell you all about it

We usually thicken soups or sauces with classic jíše. Many of us have only used a stirrup or a ratchet all our lives. Of course, in order to thicken the food, there are other methods, even healthier ones, which will give the dish the desired consistency. So how to thicken the sauce, but also, for example, the soup?

Jíška is not the only food thickener

The traditional roux undoubtedly belongs to our kitchen, but sometimes, in many recipes, other methods can be used to thicken it. Finally, many other methods can be used to make a dish healthier. If you are one of those who like thick sauces, preferably brown, pork, and you thicken them with flour and oil, regular consumption of these foods will not benefit your health much in the future. If we indulge in it occasionally, nothing happens, but regular consumption is not very suitable.

Soup, but also sauce, how to thicken

The sauce, as well as the soup, can be thickened with vegetables. In this way, the food will be healthier and heartier. This is a common method that is being used less and less. Thanks to the stick blender, you don’t have to puree the vegetables, so your job will be easier. Of course, practice this method for dishes that you cook together with vegetables. For example, a roast beef, no flour is needed. Or tomato and pepper sauce for pasta.

For soups like lentil or bean soup, cook more legumes and vegetables. Towards the end of cooking, take out some vegetables and legumes and blend them with a stick blender. Then stir in the soup, add marjoram, garlic, pepper or whatever you’re used to.

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Milk and eggs as a great helper

Soups and sauces can be thickened with milk and eggs. Many people like to have hard-boiled eggs with large chunks in their soup, but this is not always a good idea. If you want a smooth jam, beat eggs and milk. This method is most often used in white soups. Similarly, you can thicken the sauce with cream, but eggs and milk are still a cheaper and healthier option.

Grains, such as buckwheat or buckwheat, can also help. They thicken the soup nicely and are healthy. Another option is oatmeal, which is added about ten to fifteen minutes before the end. You can also use potato starch or rice baked on the side and mixed.

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