How to easily and quickly pickle tomatoes so that you have them whole…

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Don’t have time to process all the ripe tomatoes? All you have to do is freeze them and they are always available. Then they are suitable for preparing many dishes and will always have the smell of sunny summer. We have a proven recipe for you and tips on how to do it easily and quickly.

Tomatoes are currently ripening in front of every grower’s garden, and sometimes it is impossible to consume them all fresh. A practical way to take care of them is by canning and stocking up for the winter. That way, you won’t have to buy tomatoes that are watery and tasteless, and you’ll save a lot of money. We will advise you how to do it!

Wash the tomatoes and then cut them into smaller pieces. Then add salt and let them react for about 20 minutes to release the juice.
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Tomato is healthy

The kitchen wouldn’t work without tomatoes. It is a very popular vegetable, which is also very easily digestible and full of important vitamins and fiber, which is very useful for good digestion. And this also applies to canned tomatoes, which can also be sterilized to remove all bacteria.

You can use canned tomatoes in cooking

Do you like Italian cuisine at home? So canned tomatoes in their own juice really come in handy, because they have countless possible uses and are the basis of many recipes. It is suitable for preparing tomato soup as well as various sauces that you can use for pasta and pizza. Likewise for making ketchup, chutney or cold gazpacho soup. You will enjoy the best homemade ones that have ripened in the sun and without the use of chemicals.

Tomatoes in their own juice

Calculate one teaspoon of salt for each kilogram of tomatoes. First, wash the tomatoes, then cut them into smaller pieces. Then add salt and let them react for about 20 minutes to release the juice. Then you can fill them in sterile canning jars, which you also fill with the juice released by the tomatoes, 2 cm below the edge. Dry the necks of the jars, cover and sterilize for 15 to 20 minutes. After that time, take them out of the canner (or oven) and let them stand upside down for a while.

You can use tomatoes prepared in this way as a base for meat, or season them with herbs such as basil, thyme or oregano, and you have a quick tomato salad on the table that no one can resist.

tomatoes in oil

Put tomatoes in oil with garlic and herbs.

Put the tomatoes in the oil with the herbs

We have another great tip for you. The recipe is very easy to prepare, and the taste is a little different. Cut the cleaned tomatoes in half and place them on a baking sheet coated with olive oil. Bake them for 40 minutes in a preheated oven at 180°C. Meanwhile, crush the garlic and prepare the thyme sprigs. As soon as the tomatoes are cooked, always put some garlic and thyme between the two halves and you can put them in the jar. Then cover them with olive oil about 1 cm below the edge and let them sit for a while so that the taste of garlic and thyme is absorbed into the tomatoes. Then you just need to cover them and you have a delicacy ready for direct consumption.

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