In a pot made of blue cast iron, she then slowly fried the steaks in clarified butter, nicely under the lid, so that they were not raw inside, and the kitchen smelled so good that saliva flowed. As a little girl, I slipped past my mother’s apron and my hand grabbed a chicken wing in a supposedly unguarded moment. It was hot, but I didn’t mind. I secretly gnawed my bones and headed to the other wing. Only now do I know that my mother knew very well about my robbery, because there were more wings in the bowl than just two. It was an adventure that I remember fondly.

Roma's thrifty cookbookSource: DnevnikAnd I also fry bone-in chicken. Of course, I’m not lazy to enjoy butter, but at its current price, I don’t even think about it. I recently remembered how my mother spoke with disbelief in her voice about Mrs. Janovska’s recipe, who was the wife of our athlete Břeta and an excellent cook. She wrapped chicken drumsticks, I mean whole chicken drumsticks, straightened them in a baking dish and topped them with high-percentage cream, i.e. whipped cream. She put the lid in the oven and didn’t notice the meat until the breadcrumbs were golden brown.

Mom never tried the recipe, but it stuck in my head. So one day I tried it and believe me, it’s a treat. Yes, doctor, it’s also a diet, because I poured a little more than half a cup of whipped cream on four big thighs and that was enough.

Since I am looking to save electricity wherever possible, I liked the good old Remoska, I will only use the oven for baking cookies. So: wrap it, straighten it in a pan or baking dish, cover it with cream and bake it. Nothing complicated, no sizzling fat in the pan, that’s all. The meat is cooked to the bone, the breadcrumbs are crispy as they should be.

Try it and let me know how the thighs turn out.

We’ll be smoking in two weeks. For this we will need liquid smoke and a slow cooker. So hopefully the neck will be fine.