Fantastic mint honey with lemon: A miracle of health not only…

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Autumn begins and it is directly created for the preparation of various fragrant recipes that will come in handy with the arrival of the colder part of the year. Mint is a well-known plant that spreads like a weed in the garden if you can’t tame it. You know what about her? Prepare mint honey!


Pick mint and cook honey!

Mint honey is an elegant way to treat a basket full of mint. Not only you, but also your family will love mint honey. It makes a lovely gift, and most importantly, a brilliantly simple way to use up your mint to its last leaf.

Of course, some substances evaporate from mint when cooked, but honey is still a suitable helper for digestive problems and cramps, helps with flatulence, and supports better functioning of the gallbladder, pancreas and liver. However, mint also helps with sleep. It calms stress and headaches.

Depending on the type, its typical pungency and menthol aroma are expressed or suppressed. If you grow different mints, you can mix them together or, conversely, try each separately and enjoy. You can also combine mint with delicious lemon balm, which adds balance to the mixture and slightly reduces the menthol taste.

Mint honey can be yellowish or bright green, depending on how the mint is processed.
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Mint honey with lemon is a treat

Preparing mint honey is extremely simple and actually very similar to other similar recipes, of which dandelion honey is probably the most famous.

To prepare, you will need 400 g of fresh mint, 2 kg of sugar, 2 organic lemons and 2 liters of water.
Pick the mint, wash it and put it whole and with the stems in a pot of water. Add the sliced ​​lemon, if not organic, remove the peel. Boil water with mint and lemon for about a quarter of an hour.

mint syrup

Boil water with mint and lemon for about a quarter of an hour.
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Strain out the solid parts of the mint and lemon, but continue to heat the remaining liquid. Add all the sugar, heat over low heat and stir until the honey thickens. Depending on the length of cooking or evaporation, the honey will be thicker. But don’t let it burn and caramelize. When you are satisfied with the density, fill the prepared clean jars with honey and close them tightly.


You can make honey from harvested leaves, but also from whole clean plants.
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Honey with the taste of mint or herbs

If you want bee honey with mint, that is also possible. Herbs, fresh and dried, can be infused into real honey. Two full spoons of fresh herbs are usually used for half a liter of honey. Honey must be heated, but only to a maximum of 50 °C. If you want to make the job easier, put the herbs in the honey in a colander or cloth bag. Let it sit for at least 24 hours, but feel free to take longer. Remove the bag and store the honey as usual. Such honey will be flavored only with mint or other herbs, but it is also very pleasant.

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