Cooking show Grandma, cook! Which of the 16 contestants is your favorite?

Popular culinary magician, show host and author of several books Pavel Berky will present sixteen talented grandmothers who will test their strength in various cooking challenges. An exciting, but also playful and entertaining televised competition will offer a series of duels, at the end of which we meet the queen of the kitchen.

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You can find the recipe of Pavel Berky, who in every episode proves his skill with a famous dish on the subject of his challenge, even before the broadcast in our Recipes section.

What did the grandmother contestants discover about themselves?

Eight duels await us in the first round, each of them will be in a different spirit. You can look forward to the themes of potatoes, spinach, fish, poultry, Asian cuisine, meatless dishes, soups and sauces. How do grandmothers from all over the Czech Republic deal with it and what delicacies do they cook? Here are our star contestants!

1. Andrea Onderková (46 years old)

Photo: Television list

Andrea likes to bake sweets, but she goes to the competition with fish Photo: Television list

Mrs. Andrea is at Grandma’s, cook! the youngest. She works as a teacher in a school club. She has a fifteen-month-old granddaughter, of whom she is very proud, because she already helps her in the kitchen. She is happily married, spends her free time gardening, growing herbs, fruits and vegetables. Her biggest hobby is baking, and she especially likes to bake rolls, cakes, doughnuts, muffins and cakes.

Section: Fish and seafood

2. Dana Aisová (68 years old)

Photo: Television list

He likes Czech classics, but also Hungarian cuisinePhoto: Television list

Mrs. Dana works as a massage therapist and at the same time works as a kindergarten teacher’s assistant. Together with his wife, they engage in sport fishing. She brought her carp to the studio and stripped it herself in front of the cameras. He likes to prepare Czech classics and considers cooking to be part of basic education. Her mother taught her to cook. She gave her the basics of Czechoslovak and Hungarian cuisine.

Section: Fish and seafood

3. Danuše Vejmělková (66 years old)

Photo: Television list

At home, her specialty is Szeged goulashPhoto: Television list

Mrs. Danuše is an excellent athlete, she practices aqua aerobics and yoga, among other things. She was taught to cook by her mother-in-law, from whom she picked up many recipes. She has three granddaughters. Mrs. Danuše likes to watch cooking shows and collect recipes. He likes to cook Szeged goulash, tomato sauce, leeks with bacon or pasta with smoked meat. He likes herbs, especially rosemary, thyme, basil.

4. Eva Kaňáková (76 years old)

Photo: Television list

When the grandchildren arrive, she spoils them with pancakesPhoto: Television list

In his spare time, he deals with tourism, furniture restoration and woodworking. She only discovered her passion for cooking in her thirties, when she got married. He prefers to improvise and likes bacon and honey. Instead of herbs, he likes to use weeds, such as nettles. She has a cottage in the woods in the style of Provence, her rhododendrons are a great pride. She likes to cook for her grandchildren, for whom she likes to make pancakes.

5. Eva Máhrová (70 years old)

Photo: Television list

As a big traveler, Czech cuisine does not attract her much, she prefers the exoticPhoto: Television list

She is an avid traveler and has worked as a guide in Asia, India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. For a while she lived and cooked in a monastery in Sri Lanka, where she also returns with the organization People in Need and volunteers. He has three grandchildren. She does not like to cook Czech food and admits that she is not very good at it. On the other hand, they bring special spices from each country.

6. Eva Morová-Orlová (48 years old)

Photo: Television list

Mrs. Eva is an expert in Austrian cuisine Photo: Television list

He has a two-year-old grandson and two sons. She likes sports, cycling, swimming, sewing, canning and mushroom picking. He has been involved in gastronomy all his life. Austria is very close to her, where she worked in hotels and taught at a hotel school. That’s why she likes Austrian cuisine, on the other hand, she never liked Italian.

7. Jana Trnková (84 years old)

Photo: Television list

In addition to cooking, he also writes songs Photo: Television list

Mrs. Jana is the oldest participant in the competition. It comes from Nahodsk, thanks to which it can make various Krkonose specialties. He writes songs, exercises twice a week with friends, whom he has met since 1969. He has three grandchildren who love mashed potatoes, spinach and poppy seed donuts.

8. Jaroslava Slavíková (64 years old)

Photo: Television list

She has the most experience from the school canteen where she used to cookPhoto: Television list

She has four grandchildren and one great-grandchild, with another on the way. He likes water and likes to swim. She is not afraid of men’s work either, she knows how to paint, wallpaper, install carpet, and even build. He likes to bake for the whole family, but he adapts his recipes and tries new things. Her grandmother taught her to cook, and now she is passing on her cooking experience to her daughters and granddaughter. She cooked in the school canteen.

9. Květa Doubravová (62 years old)

Photo: Television list

Mrs. Květa cooks, but she doesn’t bakePhoto: Television list

Before her retirement, she worked as a high school teacher. She is an active grandmother, she bowls competitively. He likes to cook with his wife, especially Asian cuisine. Together they collect recipes and cookbooks from all over the world. Mrs. Květa does not bake at all, so she usually prepares fruit and whipped cream for her two grandchildren.

10. Libuše Kotoučková (71 years old)

Photo: Television list

She likes to make chicken rollsPhoto: Television list

He has a daughter, a son and three grandchildren. She is an active senior who plays golf, likes to swim, rollerblade and ski. He is also devoted to the theater and collects wooden postcards. She has been cooking since she was young, she learned everything from chefs, but she also likes to change recipes. She is not very good at working with yeast dough. She likes to cook chicken rolls, stuffing and steaks. He likes Italian and French cuisine.

11. Lída Zemanová (67 years old)

Photo: Television list

The family gathers at her place for pastriesPhoto: Television list

Mrs. Lída has two daughters, one son and eight grandchildren. She helped her mother in the kitchen from a young age, got married at the age of 20 and started cooking herself, mostly Czech dishes. She and her husband have been together for 48 years. She likes going on trips with her grandchildren, riding an electric bike and gardening. At family gatherings, he always has to cook, the family’s favorite is pastries.

12. Ludmila Michalová (age 73)

Photo: Television list

Thanks to his mother, he is excellent at game preparationPhoto: Television list

She learned to cook from her mother, especially game. He doesn’t avoid food in the kitchen. He doesn’t read a lot of cookbooks or watch cooking shows, he prefers to improvise and use his intuition when cooking. He likes mushroom picking and gardening. In retirement, he works as a cosmetic consultant. Her grandchildren love pancakes, grits and potato pancakes with butter. Mrs. Ludmila likes stewed potatoes, cabbage, carrots and sausage.

13. Marie Dlouhá (68 years old)

Photo: Television list

He likes sauces, especially dillPhoto: Television list

She has been cooking since the 5th grade, it is her passion, she especially likes to bake. In her spare time, she devotes herself to her garden and is the president of the gardening village Zdiby. She likes to travel and do sports, she traveled all over England with her nephew. He has two grandchildren. For meals, he likes cheese and vegetables or summer lecho. Makes a great pickled dill soup and dumplings.

14. Miloslava Brožová (61 years old)

Photo: Television list

Bakes low-carb cakes, but also reverse cutletsPhoto: Television list

She is from Touzetin, where she works as a deputy mayor. In her spare time, Mrs. Miloslava works in the garden. He likes to travel. He has eight grandchildren and one great-grandchild. She was raised by her grandmother, who she constantly watched while she cooked. She is still celebrating success with her rice pudding recipe. However, she mostly cooks meat, and her specialty is steak from the inside out or meat with mustard. She eats a low-carb diet, so she bakes low-carb cookies.

15. Monika Brýdová (52 years old)

Photo: Television list

Mrs. Monika promotes a vegan dietPhoto: Television list

She switched to veganism due to serious health problems. She is an active influencer, publishes books, works for television and radio, contributes to newspapers and magazines. He is currently working on completing his second cookbook. He has two grandchildren. In the program Grandma, cook! wants to show the world that a vegan diet can be varied and interesting.

16. Zdeňka Mazurová (67 years old)

Photo: Television list

He likes to cook on papiňák, including Czech classicsPhoto: Television list

She has two granddaughters and is herself from a large family where everyone is used to helping. She likes to cook Czech classics, especially her mother’s recipes. But he likes to improvise when he cooks. She does not enjoy elaborate meals that require her to stand by the stove all day. He cannot imagine cooking without papinák. He uses Italian herbs and cooks tomato sauce, steak, fish or dill.


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Andrea Onderková (46 years old)

Danuše Vejmelková (66)

Eva Kaňáková (76 years old)

Eva Morová-Orlová (48 years old)

Jaroslava Slavíková (64 years old)

Květa Doubravová (62 years old)

Libuše Kotoučková (71 years old)

Lída Zemanová (67 years old)

Ludmila Michalová (73 years old)

Miloslava Brožová (61 years old)

Monika Brýdová (52 years old)

Zdeňka Mazurová (67 years old)

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