And now quickly according to the template “you don’t have it, you can replace it with something else”: pour the pieces into a pot or pan, add a spoonful of grated ginger. I didn’t have any, so I made sure it was dry. The recipe includes two tablespoons of honey. Of course, if you have it at home. I don’t have any, so chicory syrup, which is suitable for children and diabetics, gets the role of substitute.

Roma's thrifty cookbookSource: DnevnikSherry, dessert wine or even griottka are also missing from the pantry, so I manage some wine in the pan. I don’t have white or red, oops. There should be only small stamps anyway, which will be lost. Without salt, soy sauce will replace it, about four spoons. If you like it spicy, add hot pepper or ground chili to taste. There is no garlic in the original recipe, but I sneak it in anywhere, so about half a tablespoon. That’s all, I pour water so that the wings are submerged. I simmer under the lid for ten minutes, and then the already opened bubbles in the black sauce. And the water gradually evaporates, turning into a thicker sauce that nicely coats the wings. Towards the end, be careful not to burn the meat.

I put it on a plate, sprinkle it with finely chopped onions or leeks and serve it with rice. I had this, but was too lazy to cook it, so the meal was filled with freshly baked bread.

Source: Youtube

It is very edible to the point of gluttony. Your hands are busy, the plate of healed bones is filling up, people’s cheerful expressions are the reward for a delicious dinner. We won’t tell anyone that we haven’t been working hard. Nobody cares if there’s no sherry or fresh ginger. Try this recipe, I guarantee you will enjoy it. Write to me, I will be glad.

What will we prepare next time? We’ll stick with the poultry. We will prepare bone-in thigh steaks and genius fig – without oil and fat. Possible? It is.