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The chicken is grateful. It is quick, easy to prepare and relatively inexpensive. If you catch a sale on the chicken quarters, which are needed for this recipe, you’ll have a treat for the whole family for a few kroner.

Chicken meat is very popular among Czechs. It is tasty, fast, dietary and relatively cheap. If you also prepare a creamy herb sauce for it, the goodness is in the world.

But let’s first look at the benefits of chicken meat and what it brings to our body. Chicken meat is dietary, but nutritionally valuable and easily digestible. It has fine fibers and its most dietary preparation involves boiling and stewing.

With chicken meat, it is necessary to ensure that it is sufficiently thermally processed and that we do not get salmonellosis, but at the same time we must be careful that it is not “overstretched”. Chicken meat is very easy to dry.

Chicken meat is healthy and dietary

In chicken meat, you will find proteins that are important for tissue regeneration and muscle mass growth. This meat also contains minerals and vitamins. Phosphorus, magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium or selenium, among others. Of the vitamins, it is worth noting mainly those from group B. Chicken meat contains less cholesterol compared to other types. It also has a lower energy value and a minimal amount of fat.

Rinse the chicken pieces with warm water

Rinse the chicken pieces with warm water

In addition, you add herbs to the recipe, which are also very useful for our body. Among other things, scallions, parsley, garlic or chives are very suitable for the recipe. Scallions help reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol, while parsley is known for its antioxidant effects. It cleans the blood and supports hematopoiesis. Garlic is known to everyone as a natural antibiotic, and its disinfecting effect goes without saying. So what about the baby? This is the king of all gardens. It has a large amount of vitamin C and is a diuretic. It is also useful in heart disorders and acts as a urinary stone dissolver.

Chicken quarters in a herb cream sauce

We have introduced the essential ingredients, so now we can start the preparation. For chicken quarters with cream and herb sauce, you will need 1 kg of chicken quarters, 2 spring onions, 2 cloves of garlic, 200 ml of cooking cream, chicken stock, 2 spoons of plain flour and 2 spoons of ground paprika. Add salt, pepper, ground cumin and herbs libecek and parsley.

Dill, rocket, parsley and other herbs can grow together

The herbs belong in the cream sauce.
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Wash, dry, salt and coat the chicken quarters in a mixture of flour, pepper and cumin. Heat the fat in a pan, fry the meat on both sides. Add a piece of butter, onion, garlic and pour the soup. Simmer for about an hour. Then add the cream and cook for a while longer. A few minutes before the end, add the chopped herbs and finalize the sauce.

If you want the sauce to be smooth, you can blend it with a stick blender. Children will especially appreciate this. Otherwise, however, you are free to accept individual ingredients. It definitely doesn’t take away from the flavor. It can be served with dumplings, pasta or rice.


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