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From now on, chicken breasts are just juicy and full of flavor! Stuffed with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. Try the new filling method according to Koko, which you can vary according to your taste. You can find the entire procedure in the video at the beginning of the article.

Ingredients for each chicken breast (1 serving)

larger skinless chicken breast steak
less than a tablespoon of roast chicken seasoning mix
olive oil
2-3 cherry tomatoes or a few cloves of wild garlic
approx. 3 teaspoons of pesto (type to taste)
2 tablespoons of grated mozzarella or other cheese intended for baking


Leave the chicken breasts out for at least half an hour after taking them out of the fridge to absorb room temperature. Cut them into “bows” (you’ll see in the video) and pour over the roasted chicken seasoning mixture – you don’t have to skimp. Ideally, however, the mixture should not contain salt. Salt the lower part of the breast. Take them out on a hot pan (be careful – we will also use it in the oven, so it should be suitable for that and must not have a plastic holder), first with the salty side down. After two minutes, salt the upper part, turn and fry for another two minutes.

Start by preparing the filling – for the spring version, baby spinach, garlic, and for the summer version, for example, chopped ripe tomatoes. For baking, use both green pesto and grated mozzarella (the kind that is not sour). Let the meat rest a little after baking and heat the oven to 180 °C. Using a sharp knife with a sharp tip, make slits in the top about an inch and a half to two-thirds of the way into the meat. Fill the slits with the pesto, then insert the tomato slices. Vary the brisket – instead of tomatoes, you can add spinach or garlic. Transfer them to the (already used) tray. Pour the juice left on the plate over the breast. Bake the smaller breasts for 15 minutes, the larger ones for 25 minutes, so that they are well baked. Serve, for example, with baked potatoes, mashed peas or luxurious mashed potatoes.

You can find blogger Koko’s entire recipe in the video at the beginning of the article. You can find more of her quick and delicious recipes HERE in the Menutovka show on

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