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Take advantage of the calm summer weather, thanks to which many dishes can be prepared outside on the grill or directly on the fire. Children will enjoy it and will certainly be happy to participate in the preparations. Thanks to the ripening of vegetables and fruits, you can brighten and improve even dishes that are not the healthiest, and of course children love them. And don’t forget to sweeten the children and yourself with an excellent dessert at the end of the summer.

Try the homemade mole cake >>>

Get inspired by recipes for meals that the whole family will enjoy:

Fried chicken

• Author: FOOD

Grilled chicken is loved by both children and adults. Try it a little differently this time, Paid. It is incredibly juicy and ready in just half an hour.

Meatballs baked in tomatoes

• Author: FOOD

For excellent minced meat balls enhanced with parmesan and baked with tomatoes, all you need is fresh bread to perfectly mop up the rest of the sauce.

Pastries with cheese

• Author: FOOD

Pastries with cheese you will all enjoy it together. And you don’t need cutlery for that. Just sit at the table and tear, which is especially appreciated by children.

Roast beef with caprese salad and vegetable yogurt

• Author: FOOD

Juicy roast beef is the perfect dish for any celebration. Prepare it in the summer version, with caprese salad, vegetable yogurt and fresh baguette.

Trout on a stick and potatoes in ashes

• Author: FOOD

Preparation delicious trout with thyme baked on a stick over hot coals will entertain the whole family. Serve them with ash-baked potatoes in style.

Chicken strips

• Author: FOOD

Chicken strips kids love and you’ll love these because they’re coated in breadcrumbs and baked in the oven instead of pan-frying.

Bolognese pizza

• Author: FOOD

Would you rather have spaghetti bolognese or pizza? Be smart about it and get a little of both into shape Bolognese pizzas.

Hasselback Baked Potatoes

• Author: FOOD

Incredibly crispy on the surface, wonderfully supple and soft on the inside. These are flavored baked Hasselback potatoeswhich you can improve according to your own taste.

Pancake from the oven with caramelized fruit

• Author: FOOD

Pancakes are one of the most popular sweets, but who wants to turn them into a frying pan? It is better to bake in the oven and topped with sweet late summer fruit.

Cheese charlotte with fruit

• Author: FOOD

Originally a French dessert Charlotte made with pastry sponges filled with sweet cottage cheese and lots of fruit, it’s perfect for the end of the holidays.

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