Batelov has its own beer. It is called Loupežník and it is created in a pot of two hundred liters

A neighborhood celebration was held in Batelov for the first time this year. Neighbors who come could taste each other’s home-made goodies, look at Jan Musil’s photographs, enjoy seven-year-old Matyáš Jurček’s piano playing, or learn how beer is brewed at home.

Beer brewing demonstration

Ondřej Šuhaj, a member of the housewives’ guild, prepared a lecture with a practical demonstration of brewing beer, which a few years ago was already called the Batela Robber. Anyone who wanted to could try part of the process. Pressing malt grains, cooking in a large pot and tasting malt interested not only children.

“I’ve always loved such artisanal homemade things, and since I’ve enjoyed beer since I was eighteen, it was an obvious choice,” laughs the young father of three. He brewed the first batch of beer in 2016. Since then, a lot has changed in his brewery, but the name remains – Batelovský bandit: “Why bandit? Because my name is Šuhaj,” smiles Ondřej. “I thought for a long time what to call beer. And the teachers at the base always called Nikola Šuhaj a bandit, so I became a bandit.”

Batelov, beer Loupežník

He started with twenty liters, then bought a bigger one, seventy liters, but now he has two hundred liters. From 2020, domestic brewers can brew two thousand liters of beer per year. “Every homebrewer has their own recipes and procedures and they want to try, try, try,” he describes at the large pot in which the lager begins to boil.

You can hear the entire report in the attached audio recording.

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