Agát Jaromír Soukup’s show has become a target of criticism: He faces a wave of ridicule, the viewers called him a loser

Media mogul Jaromír Soukup and his model girlfriend Agáta Hanychová are still among the most watched couples in Czech show business. A few weeks ago, they decided to record a joint show, which they expect will entertain their fans as much as live broadcasts on Instagram.

Soukup does not hide that his great hobby is cooking. According to him, he will cook in every episode. For this reason, in addition to a comfortable sofa or punching bag, the studio also has a large kitchen counter. In the first episode, Agáta herself appeared, making baked stuffed tomatoes. But the show received a fair amount of criticism.

The talk show was originally supposed to be broadcast live, but due to time constraints, both opted for pre-recorded segments.“After all, the show won’t be live, it would be difficult to combine it with family life. After all, I’m a mother of two,” Agatha said. In front of the camera, the model feels like a fish in water and feels good about the work done. “For me, we reacted well to each other, we were not in a spasm, I have to praise us”, smiling model.

The wave of criticism began almost immediately

Viewers were really looking forward to this show, which is evident from their comments on the social network. “I’m really looking forward to it, I’ll definitely be watching” viewers wrote under a Facebook post trying to draw attention to the show. “I can not wait,” another fan wrote. However, as it seems at the moment, the new television program Barrandov, in which Soukup and Hanychova appear, has not yet gained popularity.

“I thought the bottom was Cooking with Succup. Well, I was wrong, because this show is even dumber.” writes one of the viewers under the post on the show’s Instagram account. “It’s like we expected a lot, but this is the bottom. I think you both have more to do than deal with the Czech pond. You lack diplomacy and nobility” another joined.

“After a while I turned it off. Terror. And I was quite looking forward to it,” writes another. “In one word, horror! TV Barrandov fell to the bottom thanks to this show. Insults, profanity and slander of the people you choose… it’s not interesting and it’s not fun at all. Mr. Soukup, who will do anything to increase his television ratings, and the worn-out future model have become experts in long-term relationships. Miserable! The show, and therefore the entire TV Barandov, lacks professionalism, diplomacy and nobility….Never again!” another disgruntled viewer wrote a scathing review.

There are countless similar comments on the social network, and Veronika Žilkova herself did not spare criticism. “Mom saw the first episode and told me not to speak in spelling, to speak colloquially. She said that since I’m on TV, I should talk about spelling. But I don’t want to appear uptight on TV, I don’t know, I’m just there and I want to appear for myself.” Agatha concluded.

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