A great way to cook pasta. You will save even those that are already damaged

Who has never cooked spaghetti or other pasta at home? Such a person does not even exist in our country. Since everyone cooks pasta, it seems that there is nothing difficult about it. However, like preparing any other dish, cooking pasta has its own rules. Only if you follow them, you will get pasta as good as from an Italian restaurant.

Do not add oil to water. That’s nonsense

Maybe you don’t do it yourself, but you’ve definitely heard the advice – to add oil to the pasta water so that it doesn’t stick. If you think about this trick, you will realize that it is nonsense. After all, the oil will remain floating on the surface and will not reach the pasta, which should be prevented from sticking.

You can ensure that the pasta does not stick by leaving enough space. For every 100 g of pasta, you should have 1 liter of water. Which means that if you want to cook spaghetti for the whole family, you need the right pot. But if you follow this rule, your pasta will definitely not stick.

Don’t break down

The pasta comes out of the factory exactly as it should be cooked – which means it definitely doesn’t need to be broken. Apart from the fact that short spaghetti is definitely not a traditional Italian dish, there is also a practical reason for that. As each pasta is a different size, each will be ready at a different time. So when you break them, there is a risk that some pieces will boil while others are still hard.

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Even sticky and overcooked pasta can be saved

It may be customary in your home to rinse pasta with cold water after removing it from the stove. Otherwise, don’t do this – the pasta will unnecessarily lose a lot of its flavor. But if your pasta is stuck, nothing but rinsing is likely to help. The water will wash away the excess gluten and the pasta will be less sticky. For an even better result, you can spray them with a few spoons of olive oil and mix.

If you’ve cooked them a lot, try a simple trick – add olive oil and lightly fry them in a pan. This will improve the taste and consistency.

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