A clever trick for deboning chicken breasts in a flash

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Deboning a chicken is not difficult, but some young housewives are afraid of it. It’s even quicker and easier to debone chicken breasts. Prepare a chicken breast, a sharp long knife and some great recipe, deboning will take you a minute. And in addition, we will reveal to you a simple trick to get rid of empty chicken breasts in an instant and with almost no effort.

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Once you know how, deboning chicken breasts is easy

For deboning the chicken, prepare a sharp knife without a saw, just a clean, straight blade. If you want to debone a chicken or a fish or remove the skin from the meat, hold the meat with one hand and gently pull it away from the skeleton. With your other hand, hold the knife and gently glide in long strokes over the bone, cartilage or bone you want to remove. If you make a small cut on the outside and leave the meat on the bone, nothing will happen. Next time you’ll know where the bone is and your cuts will be safer.

Boneless chicken breast easily and in no time.
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You can remove the bone from the breast in a moment

Chicken breasts are attached only to the chest and are separated from each other by the middle cartilage. Begin the incision along this cartilage. Separate the breast with long strokes over the cartilage. It’s very simple and fast. If you are not sure of the result, feel the separated chicken breast with your fingers. Simply remove a forgotten bone or piece of cut cartilage with a knife or your fingers.

What about chicken bones?

Follow the same procedure for the other chicken breast. Check the detached muscle, and if it’s clean, look at the skeleton you’re left with. You can use it to clean pieces of meat with a knife or cook the skeleton in water for broth. Chicken breast soup is not strong, nor particularly tasty, but it is suitable as a base for sauces. You can also use pieces of meat removed from the bone in other dishes.

Wrap the chicken breast in the herbs and then in the classic triple wrap.

Quickly bone and cook the chicken breast.
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A simple trick to remove the hollow part from a chicken breast

Is a piece of white void in your chicken breast getting in the way? You can easily do this with a great trick.
Place the chicken breast on the mat and prick it with a fork so that the white part of the blank sticks out through the tines of the fork. Holding the fork with one hand, grasp the protruding blank with the other, but over the napkin so that it does not slip in your fingers. With a sharp pull on the part that sticks out over the fork, pull out the whole piece without damaging the meat.
And it was done! A boneless, skinless chicken breast will be ready in a minute.

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